Freefall Lifeboats

Freefall Lifeboat

Freefall lifeboat after release the boat hook, boat will freefall along the davit ramp and fall into the water.

Totally Enclosed Lifeboats

Totally Enclosed Lifeboat

Totally enclosed lifeboat, can serve as rescue boat (<8.5m), suitable for most marine ship and offshore applications.

Open Type Lifeboats

Open Type Lifeboat

Open type lifeboat generally used for small inland waters vessels.

Rescue Boats

Rescue Boat

Rescue boats are suitable for all types of rescue, patrols and other general applications.

Fast Rescue Boats

Fast Rescue Boat

Fast rescue boats are suitable for ships, offshore installations, the coast guard service, police and other SAR services.



All the davits are designed and manufactured in accordance with the IMO/SOLAS, LSA code etc.